Creating your own video subscription website made easy


Create memberships to restrict access to your videos.

Video Purchases

Sell video access for a one-time purchase price with an optional download link.

Video Rentals

Sell video access for a limited time by offering a rental price and expiration time.

Series & Seasons

Create TV Shows (Series) with Seasons and Episodes.

Sell Series & Seasons

Sell access to series and seasons via a one-time price or membership.

My List

Provide your customers with a My List (watch later) feature.

Video Reviews

Turn on 5 star ratings for your videos to allow customers to leave reviews.

Stripe, PayPal and Cryptos

Accept credit card payments, PayPal payments or cryptocurrency payments.

Restrict Video Access

Create daily, weekly, monthly or annual video subscriptions to restrict access to your videos. Videos can also be Purchased or Rented.

WP Video Memberships

*All video restriction settings are optional

Stripe Video Memberships WordPress
Web3 Access MetaMask Plugin for WordPress

Need a way to restrict WordPress content with Web3?

Accept cryptocurrency payments via MetaMask and web3 browser wallets using the Web3 Access plugin. The Web3 Access WordPress plugin allows you to restrict WordPress content that can only be accessed by web3 visitors by making a payment via their browser wallet, or verify they own certain NFTs or tokens.

*This is a promotion for a separate product and is not included in WP Video Subscription products.

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