Features Overview

The following is a list of features included in the WPVS Legacy Theme for WordPress and our WP Video Memberships plugin.

*Reminder: WP Video Memberships is only included in our WP Video Memberships plan.

Series & Seasons

Create TV Show type video categories to organize your videos into Series and Seasons.

Sell Series & Seasons

Assign memberships or add a purchase price to Series and / or Seasons.

  • Restricts access to all videos included within the video category / genre
  • Sell access to an entire Season or Series

My List (Watch Later)

Provides customers with the ability to create a Watch Later list on their account.

  • Easily enable or disable the My List feature
  • Quick add to / remove from My List buttons on single video and video browsing pages

Continue Watching

Adds a Continue Watching Netflix style slider to the Home page of your website.

  • Automatically appears for logged in customers who have videos they did not finish watching
  • Continue Watching for custom players Setup Guide

Video Reviews

Provides a 5 star rating and review system for your videos.

  • Easily enable or disable the Video Reviews feature
  • Customers must be logged in to leave reviews

Credit Cards, PayPal and Cryptocurrency

Allow your customers to pay with credit card, PayPal or cryptocurrency.

Video Subscriptions (Memberships)

Restrict access to your videos to customers with an active subscription.

  • Create memberships with your choice of interval and frequency (Day, Week, Month, Year)
  • Videos can have multiple memberships assigned to them allowing for multiple membership level access
  • Hide memberships from the front end of your website
  • Manually assign free membership access to customers

Video Purchases (Digital)

Sell single video access for a purchase price of your choice.

  • Optionally provide a digital copy download link for customers
  • Set individual purchase prices for each video
  • Purchased Videos section for customers included in the WPVS Legacy Theme

Video Rentals

Sell single video access for a limited time and rental price of your choice.

  • Set individual rental expiration times for each video. (Hours, Days, Weeks, Months)
  • Set individual rental prices for each video
  • Rented Videos section for customers included in the WPVS Legacy Theme

Free For Registered Users Restriction

Restrict access to your videos to customers who are logged in.

  • Visitors to your website will not be able to view videos marked as Free For Registered Users

Automatic Renewal Reminders

Reminds customers about their upcoming subscription renewals.

  • Renewal reminder emails are sent to customers at your preferred time before their subscriptions renew
  • Automatically creates new CoinGate cryptocurrency orders when customers visit your website for renewal

Free Trials

Offer customers a free trial period for new subscriptions.

  • Create free trials with your choice of interval and frequency (Day, Week Month)
  • Customers are automatically charged when their free trial ends
  • Customers who cancel their subscription before the end of a free trial will not be charged

Coupon Codes

Offer coupon codes for video purchases, rentals and subscriptions

  • 3 Coupon Code Types: One-time discount, repeating discount and forever discounts
  • Amount or percentage off coupon codes (Example: $5 off or 15% off)
  • Optionally limit the number of times a Coupon Code can be used (all customers)
  • Optionally limit the number of times a customer can use a Coupon Code (each customer)

Image & Video Featured Sliders

Create featured sliders for your home page, video categories or any other page on your website.

  • Image or Video Background slides
  • Easily add or remove a Featured Area from any page or video category / genre
  • WordPress Dashboard Featured Area manager

WPVS Legacy Theme Sliders

Automatically displays your videos in Netflix styled horizontal sliders.

  • Landscape, Portrait and Custom thumbnail sizing for video slides
  • Custom slides per slider for multiple screen sizes
  • Drop down video information section for each video slide (optional)
  • Optional grid view video browsing

Theme Customizer

Easily switch between a Dark or Light theme with your choice of accent colour.

  • Customizer settings found under Appearance -> Customize within your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Change your websites Headings and Body typography to any Google Font of your choice.

Netflix style, YouTube and Standard Video Templates

Choose between 3 different video page layouts.

  • Set your Default layout in the Theme Customizer
  • Set the video page layout for videos individually

Actors & Directors

Assign actors and directors to your videos

  • Browse videos by Actor and Director
  • Actor and Director pages are automatically created
  • Optionally set a profile image for Actors and Directors
  • Optionally set a profile link for Actors and Directors

Create Your Own Online Video Store with WordPress

Thank you for browsing our products and services! Our goal is to provide WordPress users with an easy to setup solution for creating their own online video store.

If you have any questions about creating an online video store or how to get started creating a website like Netflix, checkout our FAQ or connect with us below.

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