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How Can I Charge For Video Access?

The WP Video Memberships plugin allows you to charge customers for to access your videos in a variety of ways:

  • Memberships (Subscriptions)
  • Purchases (one-time payments)
  • Rentals (limited time access)
  • Series / Season Subscriptions
  • Series / Season Purchases

What Payment Gateways Can I Use

Currently, the WP Video Memberships plugin allows you to accept payments through your Stripe and / or PayPal account. You can also accept Cryptocurrency payments via CoinGate

  • Stripe (Credit Card Payments)
  • PayPal Business (or higher)
  • CoinGate (Accept Bitcoin and Altcoins)

What types of video players can I use?

  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • WordPress Default Player
  • Shortcodes (may require custom CSS and / or JS)
  • Any third party video host that provides embed HTML / JS code (iframe, video, object, etc)