Video Memberships

Create videos memberships at your own price and payment interval (Day, Week, Month, Year)

Single Video Purchases

Allow customers to purchase access to a single video for your own purchase price.

Single Video Rentals

Set a rental price to provide customers with limited time access to a single video.

Sell Series & Seasons

Sell access to individual series and seasons for a one-time price.

Series & Seasons Memberships

Sell access to individual series and seasons via a membership.

Stripe, PayPal, Coinbase & CoinGate

Allow members to pay with credit card via Stripe or checkout using their PayPal account.


Accept cryptocurrency payments via CoinGate.

Renewal Reminders

Automatic renewal reminders are sent to customers at your preferred time before their subscriptions renew.

Free Trials

Free trial periods for your video memberships. (Day, Week, Month).

Coupon Codes

Create coupon codes for single payments or subscriptions.

(Use Card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 for example)

Strong Customer Authentication Credit Card Forms

Our Stripe integration is strong customer authentication ready.

Need a WordPress site?

Perfect! You can skip this step.

Get A Website

Why We Recommend Vimeo

Yes. However, free accounts do not allow you to restrict videos to specific websites only. If you are planning on requiring memberships for videos, it is best to have at least a Vimeo Plus account.

This is also why we recommend Vimeo. YouTube and other video hosting services may not have a (my website only) restriction feature.

Sign up for Vimeo

Stripe, PayPal or CoinGate

You need a Business (free) or Premier PayPal account in order to accept recurring payments.

Sign up for Stripe
Sign up for CoinGate
Sign up for PayPal
Video Memberships WordPress Gateways
Video Subscription Netflix Theme

Perfect Theme Integration

Integrates perfectly with our WordPress Netflix theme

Netflix Theme

Some Requirements

  • PHP version 5.5 of higher. You will need to contact your hosting provider if you need to upgrade your PHP version.
  • WordPress 4.0 or higher

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