The VS Netflix theme is a custom theme for WordPress to use with the WP Videos plugin (See Requirements below). Our WordPress Netflix Theme allows you to feature your videos in horizontal sliders and display them using 3 different video page templates.

Featured Area

Create full screen home page featured slideshows or optionally set a featured video background.

Netflix Sliders

Netflix style, horizontal sliders to feature your videos.


Easily customize the colours of your Netflix theme.

Memberships (Optional)

Integrates perfectly with WP Video Memberships.

Video Management

Manage videos by Actors, Directors, Genres and Tags.

3 Video Page Templates

A standard, YouTube and Netflix style video page template.

VS Netflix Theme Dark or Light

Dark or Light

The VS Netflix theme offers both a dark and light style. Quickly switch between dark and light using the WordPress customizer.

Free Trial

Some Requirements

  • WP Videos plugin. This is a free plugin and is required to create and support video pages. You DO NOT need to use Vimeo videos or a Vimeo account as the plugin now supports YouTube and / or custom embed code.
  • PHP 5.5 or higher. You can check your version using this plugin. You will need to contact your hosting provider if you need to upgrade your PHP version. Or ask us.
  • WordPress 4.0 or higher
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WordPress Netflix Theme

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