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WP Videos

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A WordPress Plugin for Videos

WP Videos allows you to import your Vimeo videos directly into your WordPress website. In addition, you can easily add any YouTube, WordPress, Shortcode or custom third party videos to your website.

Create a video subscription website using our Memberships Add-On.


  • Import Vimeo Videos into WordPress
  • Vimeo Player Customization
  • YouTube Player Customization
  • Video Categories / Genres (customizable name, slug and icon)
  • Video Actors (customizable name, slug and icon)
  • Video Directors (customizable name, slug and icon)
  • Video Tags

Video Types

  • Vimeo Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • WordPress Videos
  • Shortcode Videos
  • Custom HTML Videos (embed / iframe / etc)
  • Custom JS Player Videos
Web3 Access MetaMask Plugin for WordPress

Need a way to restrict WordPress content with Web3?

Accept cryptocurrency payments via MetaMask and web3 browser wallets using the Web3 Access plugin. The Web3 Access WordPress plugin allows you to restrict WordPress content that can only be accessed by web3 visitors by making a payment via their browser wallet, or verify they own certain NFTs or tokens.

*This is a promotion for a separate product and is not included in WP Video Subscription products.

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