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By using WP Video Subscriptions you ("The User") agrees to the following:

Thank you for choosing WP Video Subscriptions operated by Rogue Web Design. This Service Agreement sets the legally binding terms of the use of WP Video Subscriptions and the services and products provided by By using you agree to be bound by the Terms of this Agreement ("The Agreement").

This AGREEMENT entered into as of your registration date ("User Registration Date"), between Rogue Web Design and You ("The User").


This Agreement will be in effect beginning User Registration Date and will continue on a month to month basis until it is terminated.


The Agreement can be terminated for any reason by either party in writing with 30 days advance notice for services charged to the provided credit card and immediately for all other services. Upon receipt of this cancellation, services and products provided by and billing will be discontinued. Either party reserves the right to cancel the Agreement if at any time either party fails to comply with any provision of this Agreement effective upon sending written notice via a current e-mail address as provided. I agree that as soon as the account is created and charged, I have committed to the purchase of the product for the contract term of my plan, and even if I cancel at any time during the plan period, since Rogue Web Design had provisioned the account, I will still have access to the product for as long as it is paid up for, and that I will not receive a refund. I understand that I can cancel at anytime before the end of the current term, and that if I do not cancel I will automatically be billed for the next term under the same conditions.

Service Availability

Rogue Web Design will strive to provide a consistent level of service availability and performance, but will not be liable for failure or delay in performance obligations due to circumstances beyond its control. This includes but is not limited to unavailability or delay of third party services. Rogue Web Design will not be held liable for any errors, damage, or other unexpected events resulting from the use of WP Video Subscriptions.

User Conduct and Content

The User will be solely responsible for the content of The User's presentations. The User agrees to not use WP Video Subscriptions in any unlawful manner. Should this content be illegal or offensive based on the judgment of Rogue Web Design, Service may be suspended or terminated without notice and without a refund to the unused part of the subscription. The User will not abuse the service in any way including sharing account access with other users who would then use it for their own purposes. The User is the only authorized user of the account.

Copyright Policy

The User may not post or reproduce any copyrighted material, trademarks without obtaining prior consent to the owners of the rights.

Pricing and Payment Terms

Upon accepting this Agreement, The User agrees that Rogue Web Design may charge the provided credit card, PayPal account, or other payment mechanism selected by The User all amounts due and owing for the services and products provided by and payment terms that The User has approved. This includes service fees, set up fees, subscription fees, overage fees, conferencing fees, or any other fee or charge associated with The User's use of services and products provided by WP Video Subscriptions. Rogue Web Design will accept The User with prior approval and reserves the right to reject any User for any reason. Rogue Web Design may change prices at any time with 30 days prior notice. If The User does not cancel your contract at that time, then it will be understood that The User accepts the new pricing. In the event Rogue Web Design is unable to collect the fees owed to Rogue Web Design for use of WP Video Subscriptions, Rogue Web Design may take any other steps it deems necessary to collect such fees from The User. The User will be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by Rogue Web Design in connection with such collection activity, including collection fees, court costs and attorneys' fees. The User must notify Rogue Web Design within 30 days of the date of billing for any disputed charges. Any dispute after this 30 day period will be disregarded. Rogue Web Design may terminate or suspend WP Video Subscriptions services and products on any account that is more than 7 days past due.

Terms of Payment Agreement

Rogue Web Design is hereby authorized to charge the indicated credit card on a recurring basis for payment for services performed on my behalf. In the event of a cancellation of service, I authorize Rogue Web Design to subsequently charge this credit card for payment of all charges for any services and products provided by I agree that if I have any problems or questions regarding my service that I will contact WP Video Subscriptions for assistance and I agree that I will not dispute any charges from unless I have already attempted to resolve the situation directly with WP Video Subscriptions. I agree to inform WP Video Subscriptions of any changes to my credit card information, including expiration date. I guarantee that I am legally authorized to enter into this billing agreement.


All information provided to Rogue Web Design by The User is solely for use by Rogue Web Design and will remain confidential and will not be released to any third party without The User permission or without Government Intervention. By signing this Agreement, The User consents to the disclosure of information to reporting agencies, credit bureaus or private credit agencies.

Limitation of Liability

Rogue Web Design will not be responsible for any damages including loss of profits (direct and indirect) or loss of data. Rogue Web Design's liability towards The User will be limited to the cost of the services and products provided by


WP Video Subscriptions will provide technical support to The User via email for purchased services and products provided by


Rogue Web Design is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information in connection with services and products provided by Rogue Web Design does not promise any particular results and will not be held responsible for the lack of such results.


The User agrees not to hold Rogue Web Design, its employees, agents or other partners of Rogue Web Design responsible for any loss, judgment, settlements, expenses or liabilities, including reasonable attorneys' fees arising from the use of the services provided by Rogue Web Design or the content of The User's presentations or any activity in violation of this Agreement. The User agrees to contact Rogue Web Design if any third party action claim has been taken against the The User relating to this Agreement. Rogue Web Design agrees not to hold The User, its employees, agents or other partners of The User responsible for any loss, judgment, settlements, expenses or liabilities, including reasonable attorney's fees arising in relationship to services provided by Rogue Web Design or any activity in violation of this Agreement.


In an effort to continually improve the services and products provided by, Rogue Web Design may change or modify the services and products provided by at any time without prior notice.

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